Sunday, September 21, 2008

Since I wasn't enough of a cliche already (SNORT), I've taken a step further in the cliche direction by becoming involved with a regular at work.

He's my age, ish, which is about ten years younger than the average clientele. He comes for the decent lattes, and stays for people watching, just about every day. We had something of a mild flirtation for a few weeks, and I often sat and had coffee with him after my shift. Rumours, I may add, where flying long before anything actually come of it.

I like him. A week ago, I swore I was off dating forever and ever and ever (see vague reference to 'drama' in my last entry - let's just say the cops were involved). And I really don't want to do the whole mind-game dating ritual. Honestly, I wish I could skip ahead a few weeks and really know what's going on. Dating is exhausting!

I've been getting really mixed signals from him. I'm seeing him tonight, and I think I'll just be honest, say I don't want to play games, and what the fuck ARE we?

...and then have more mind-blowing sex. Oh. My. God.

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