Thursday, December 25, 2008

Disadvantages to moving in with Coffeeboy:

  1. Sharing a bathroom with a boy. Hell, sharing a bathroom with anybody. I'm no girly girl, but I've got some fucking lotions.
  2. Sharing an apartment with six people and two dogs. This is an advantage during potluck dinners. This is a distinct disadvantage at 3 a.m. when the apartment is crowded with drunken students. (Is there any other kind?)
  3. OH YEAH, I only met Coffeeboy a few months ago. No matter how supernaturally perfect this relationship seems to be, I am still plagued with the entirely realistic possibility that he will turn out to be all wrong for me and everything will go downhill and I'll be trapped there for years socially isolated and live the consequences for the rest of my life and have my parents ask about him every time they see me after and where have I seen this before?
  4. Moral obligation to give up my imaginary yet torrid affair with the mailman at work. He's also a fireman! Come on!

Advantages to moving in with Coffeeboy:

  1. The little bird family that lives above his windowsill that we watch on Sunday mornings before strolling to the cafe for cappucino and baguette and did I mention that it's perfect?
  2. The man takes uncanny joy in giving me massages. No, really.
  3. My toothbrush hasn't been out of my purse in two months. It would like a home.
  4. So would I.

Well, it looks like I've found one.

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