Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I had a woman accuse me of prejudice yesterday at work. It's really bothering me. She and her husband sat down, ordered drinks, and said they were waiting for their daughter to arrive before they'd order food.

So I went about my business - I had a full section of 8 or 9 tables - and didn't notice right away when their daughter came in. I think I brought food, or took an order, or something from the table next to them.

Next thing I know, this woman is at the till complaining to the barista about me. Then Boss came over, and the woman accused me of being racist! My heart sank - I felt sick to my stomach, even though I know there was absolutely nothing racist about it.

I didn't want to serve them after that, so Boss took over for me. As they left, they apologised, and smiling and happy and whatnot, saying they didn't want to get me in trouble and I was 'a very good server'. It was no problem, they said.

No problem?! Big fucking problem! Do these people think they're being discriminated against at every (imaged) slight, or was it just me? Boss stood up for me, which was a relief. I've been involved in activism against racism, which can be rather rampant around here against our indigenous population, and the thought that I might've done something to seem racist is still bothering me today.

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