Friday, October 3, 2008

I usually have a rule against posting about more personal topics, but I just have to rant about this one. And, should it ever be read, I'll stand my ground, because this is just Stupid with a capital S.

I got an email from M.'s mom, who basically runs the karate club, nagging me about membership stuff, which was all duly deserved and I hang my head in utter shame YADA YADA. At the end of it, she says, "If this is a problem, you can talk to M. about it if you feel more comfortable."

Now. M.'s mom was never my biggest fan. We clashed on a lot of things, which didn't really heat up the first two years of our relationship, until M. and I decided to live together and he moved out of his parent's basement at the unheard-of age of 22. (Yeah.) We had our tifts in the past, more because we're both stubborn and outspoken than because of anything too difficult to work around. Since Breakup #2, she hasn't said two words to me, and makes a habit of shooting icy glares at me from the back of the dojo.

#1: M. and I have a precarious relationship these days. We're best friends. Always will be. But it's been tough dancing around every other conversation topic that will be be awkward and/or hurtful to someone. The last thing I need to do is talk to his mother through him, which had more than enough to do with Breakup #1. I'm not sabotaging a very important, very finicky friendship because M.'s mom wants to be childish.

#2: Nor am I bringing my personal life into the dojo. I've always been very, very careful to leave my relationship with M. at the dojo door, because that sort of shit just doesn't have a place among dojo hierarchy, respect, and the odd smash to the face. M. and I have always managed this just fine, with a bit of tongue-biting here and there. If we can do it, so can she.

Well. I've thoroughly broken my rule. I've also left a lot out. I'm going to deal with this by swallowing my pride tonight, plastering on a smile, and dealing with this face-to-face with her, whether she likes it or not. Fuck if I'm letting this get worse.

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